High Intensity Shoulder Workouts

You want mass? Let's cut the bullshit then shall we? There is no cutting corners, or shortcuts to packing on the beef. Ya gotta be willing to get your hands dirty...to engage in some serious, back-breaking labor.

Want powerful, overwhelming, juggernaut-like shoulders? The kinda stuff that'll make weekend warriors brown their pants? Well these workouts are for you. Employing supersets, drop-sets, and high repetitions, these shoulder-demolishing workouts will radically widen, thicken, and carve out your delts and traps. Be forewarned however. This is a real ball-buster... so go hard or go home. Let's crank it to high gear and rock n' roll.

Workout 1
Seated DB press x3
Seated DB lateral

Seated arnold press x3

Drop sets:
Seated front raise
-Seated front raise
-Seated front raise
Drop sets:
DB upright row
- DB upright row
- DB upright row
- DB upright row

Reverse Shrug x3

Partial deadlift x3

Workout 2
Standing military press x 3

Superset: x 3
Standing behind the neck press
Standing DB lateral

Standing side DB lateral x 2

DB shrug x 3

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