High Intensity Chest and Back Workouts

Life's hard. You're gonna get beaten, pounded, and pulverized in this beast of a world - so you might as well have a thick and rugged outer shell that is impervious to the harsh conditions. These workouts will construct a granite and impenetrable chest and back that can withstand the punishment life dishes out. Power moves, isolation moves, heavy weights, light weights, giant sets, straight sets, size, strength, definition, and shape - this routine has it all for complete and superior chest and back development. So you think you got what it takes? Well step right up.

Bench press x 1

Giant sets:
Incline DB press
-flat DB press
-incline bench press (pause and explode)
-bench press (elbows flared)
-flat fly
-incline fly
-decline fly
-decline bench press

Bench press x 1

Weighted pull-up x 1

Giant set:
Reverse grip BB row
-bent over simultaneous DB row
-lat pulldown
-simultaneous DB row (incline bench)
-reverse grip pulldown
-seated row
-wide grip seated row
-reverse grip seated row

Pull-ups x 1

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