High Intensity Arm Workouts

Guns. I'm talkin' about mountains of thick, dense muscle separated by deep striations. Skin bursting peaks, bulging brachialis, jagged triceps, all ridden with sick vascularity - the stuff that makes unsuspecting on-lookers jump out of their skin in horror. To get arms like this, ya gotta switch it up. Hit 'em from every angle. Keep 'em guessing. The workouts presented here is designed to do just that: shock the hell out of your arms. Tri-sets, super-sets, giant-sets, e-z bars, dumbbells, and cables - you name it, it's here. Every grip and every angle is employed to shock, carve, and blast the arms into hypertrophy. So what are ya waitin' for? Let's floor it.

Weighted dips x2
Body-weight dips
Negative dips

Chain Pushdown x2
Overhead cable extension

Straight-bar pushdown x2
Rope pushdown

Incline DB curl x3
E-z bar curl

Giant set:
Preacher curl
Incline cable curl
Seated hammer curl
Cable curl
Rope curl
Overhead cable curl

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